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Adding a user to your gamepanel
Most of server owners at some point wish to add additional users. XISS GP allows creation of sub-accounts.

What are sub-account?
Sub accounts are additional users with specific roles. What user can do depends of permissions you set for them. General idea behind this logic is, that you never ever share your main account with anyone. As main account is used to identify you thus you always want to have a handle on it.

So, instead of sharing your account rather create a sub-account for a desirable user thus gain upper hand on various problems you may encounter along the way- problems like, disabling access to certain user or not worrying that someone may hijack your account.

How can you add another user?
Well for one, this option is only available on Cloud Hosting scenario. Pub version does not offer this.

If you have the cloud version then this is how you do it:
1) Login to our gamepanel and under navigation you will see a tab called "Users", click it.
2) Once you are on "Users" page, continue by simply filling out the fields and choose which permissions you wish to grant to that particular user.
3) Once account is created, Email will be sent to address you provided with login details.
4) That's about it.

As you can see, it's a simple straightforward approach and takes less than a minute while on the long run, saves bunch of headaches.
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